1. Bipolar electrode technology

  Our sodium hypochlorite generator adopts bipolar electrode, the most advanced technology in the world:

  a. More uniform electrode current distribution;

  b. Smaller ohmic drop between electrolyzing cell (as electrode connections are greatly reduced);

  c. Operating current decrease (operating voltage increases);

  d. Reducing power consumption, raising current efficiency;

  e. Structure of electrolyzing cell is compact, and the generator space-time production yield was improved.

  2. Anode coating technology

  Using modern nanotechnology preparation of nanocrystalline electrode coating is multiple noble metal oxide coating. Due to grain refinement (nm),it has lower chlorine evolution potential and higher oxygen evolution potential as well as good electrocatalysis and anticorrosion properties., the main technical indicators are as follows:



Chemical Industrial Standard

Chloride evolution potential






Enhanced life               



Enhanced weight loss        



  3. Electrolyzing cell structure characteristic

  a. The single electrolzying cell of bipolar electrode is composed of multiple electrode cells connected in series, that is, one electrolzying bath of bipolar electrode is equal to the integration of multiple uni-polar electrode. The structure of electrolyzing bath is more compact, easier maintenance.

  b. The electrical connection mode of bipolar electrode adopts electrode and electrolyte conductivity connection, which guarantees electricity distributing evenly, less Ohmic loss and high current efficiency. And, compare with uni-polar electrode, the electrical connection mode of bipolar electrode avoids intricate copper cable connection and bolt connection which can lead to increase contact resistance and energy loss.

  c. The connections between bipolar electrolyzing baths is less, sealed area is smaller, plane flange seal and American PARKER seals are adopted, which ensures the long time running of a complete set without leakage. The leakage caused by big uni-polar electrode seal area is overcome. (Under the same capacity, seal area of uni-polar electrode is 6 times larger than that of the bipolar electrode).

  4. High-speed electrolyzing technology

  The higher flow rate of seawater through the electrolyzing cell, is conducive to reducing the occurrence of cathode scaling, while avoiding the hydrogen staying in the tank for a long time and improving the electrolysis efficiency.

  5. Hydrogen separation technology

  Adopting the intermediate hydrogen separation device discharge the hydrogen generated in the process of electrolysis timely to ensure no gas accumulated in the electrolyzing baths and piping system, to ensure the safety of the whole sodium hypochlorite station, and hydrogen into the outdoor tank diluted to the safe discharge concentration by the fan released to the atmosphere. Meanwhile it helps to reduce the effect of bubbles on electrolyzing, to further improve the electrolysis efficiency.

 6. Safe operation of security technology

  a. A special grounding ring is used at the inlet and outlet of the generator to make the liquid flow at the same potential. The stray current does not corrode the whole system equipment (pump, pipeline, valve and instrument).

  b. The system is equipped with motor protection, current, tank voltage, temperature, flow and pressure parameters such as alarm and interlock. When the operating parameters are abnormal, the device can automatically trip, and send an alarm signal.


  7. Intelligent control technology

  a. Electro-chlorine system adopts the variable frequency speed seawater pump to ensure stable operation, while reducing energy consumption;

  b. The system sets automatic pickling detection, when needing for pickling, sound and light alarm is on, and locks the generator so that it cannot work until the completion of pickling to unlock operation;

  c. Electro-chlorination system adopts the control mode of programmable controller (PLC) system + operator station + engineer station, to implement automatic running, unattended operation, can also connect with BOP net or DSC networking to realize remote monitoring.

  d. Equipment is provided with a key to start and stop buttons. When the start button was pressed, actuator system can be started automatically every three seconds, and the electrolyzing current automatically increased to ratings. Programmed stop button is used to stop the system.