Product features:

  The XDC series hydrogen purification device uses water electrolysis hydrogen as the raw gas, and obtains high-purity hydrogen gas after catalytic deoxygenation, cooling condensation, adsorption drying, and efficient filtration. It is widely used in industries such as electronics, metallurgy, chemical engineering, glass, and new energy.

  1. Using a palladium platinum bimetallic deoxygenation catalyst, the deoxygenation effect can reach an oxygen content of ≤1ppm, and the atmospheric pressure deoxygenation effect can also reach an oxygen content of ≤5ppm.

  2. Using high-quality molecular sieves, with a high loading coefficient and high adsorption capacity rate, the dew point of the hydrogen moisture content of the product is ≤-75℃.

  3. Using high-efficiency filters, the filtration efficiency can reach 99.9999%. After dust removal, the molecular particle size is ≤0.3μm.

  4. The purification working pressure is adjustable from 0.8 to 3.2 MPa, and the maximum processing capacity can exceed the design value by 15%.

  5. Using raw gas regeneration, hydrogen loss is zero.

  6. Complete supporting facilities, compact structure, and convenient maintenance. PLC+ touch screen (or industrial computer) fully automatic operation.


Technical parameters:


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