Working Principle

  Automatic rinsing filter takes advantage of the system pressure, in the normal process of filtering automatically backwash. Filter working properly, the water from the inside of the cylindrical filter into the filter through the fine mesh to the exit, when a large number of particles attached to the filter screen, the import and export pressure increases, when it reaches the set value, the pressure differential sensor control to start the backwash motor, the hollow rotating arm in the filter rotation, while opening the sewage valve, filtered liquid reverse through the filter into the arm sucking mouth cleaning filter, through the hollow arm to complete the dirt discharge backwash process. In the backwash process, the filter can continue to work properly.

Technical Feature

  Filtering and backwashing process all automatically, can be achieved unattended.

  All parts for the corrosion-resistant materials can be applied to the medium: water, sea water or chemicals and more occasions.

  Backwash time is short (about 1 minute), flow and pressure loss.

  Several sets of the same type of filter can be used in parallel to achieve the user needs the work flow requirements.

 Applications Fields

 Automatic rinsing filter is widely used in metallurgy, chemical, petroleum, paper, medicine, food, mining, electricity, urban water supply areas. Such as industrial wastewater, cycling water filtration, emulsion regeneration, waste oil filtration treatment, metallurgical industry, continuous casting water system, blast furnace water system, hot-rolled with high-pressure water dephosphorization system.

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