Working Principle 

  Cyclone desander is based on the principle of centrifugal sedimentation and density differential, so that the fluid passing through the desander is rotated to separate the tiny solid particles in the fluid.

Technical Feature

  This equipment has the advantages of high desanding rate, small occupation space, no external power, stable working condition, etc. It can effectively separate and remove the impurities such as gravel from the water. Within a certain range, the higher the inlet pressure of the desander, the higher the desanding rate.

  Design Pressure: 1.0Mpa

  Design Temp.: Normal

  Flow rate: 2-300m3/h

  Desanding ratio: >90%

  Material: steel lined rubber

Applications Fields

  Cyclone desander is widely used in electro-chlorination system, water source heat pump, water treatment, food, medicine and other industrial sectors. Desanding of seawater, river water, well water, coal washing water, industrial mineral processing, liquid degassing and separation of non-mutually soluble liquids.

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