Municipal sewage is all the drainage water collected through the sewerage pipes, which is a mixture of all kinds of domestic sewage, industrial wastewater and urban rainfall runoff discharged into the sewerage system. With the accelerated process of urbanization and industrialization, the amount of its production is increasing, pollution is becoming increasingly serious, has seriously constrained the sustainable development of urban socio-economic. Municipal sewage discharge is amazing. The treatment and reuse of municipal wastewater can alleviate the problem of water resources tension and avoid the waste of water resources. At the same time, the treatment and reuse of sewage reduces the amount of sewage discharged and reduces the pollution of the environment and clean water.

  As a strong oxidizing chlorine-containing disinfectant, sodium hypochlorite can play the role of disinfection, decolorization and bleaching, coagulation aid and algae removal in sewage treatment. And the use of electrolysis of brine to produce sodium hypochlorite in situ, there is no problem of corrosion, scaling, attenuation of finished sodium hypochlorite, for more and more sewage plants to choose.

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