The process of obtaining fresh water from seawater is desalination, and the methods used include seawater freezing, electrodialysis, distillation, reverse osmosis, and ammonium carbonate ion exchange, with the reverse osmosis membrane method being the mainstream in the market.

  Due to the existence of a large number of microorganisms, bacteria and algae in seawater. The propagation of bacteria and algae and the growth of microorganisms in seawater will not only bring a lot of trouble to the water intake facilities, but also directly affect the normal operation of seawater desalination equipment and process piping, sodium hypochlorite can be used in the pretreatment of seawater to alleviate the membrane contamination and ensure the stable operation of the system.

  At the same time, the concentrated wastewater from seawater desalination can be used for electrolysis to prepare sodium hypochlorite, which further improves resource utilization and saves costs.

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