Product features

  XD 10~1000Nm³/h series Alkaline water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment electrolysis consists of an electrolyzing cell, a separation frame, a purification frame, auxiliary equipment, a rectification system, and a control system.

  1. The XD type water electrolysis hydrogen production unit has a single equipment hydrogen production capacity of up to 10Nm3/h-1000Nm3/h, with a hydrogen production station layout;

  2. The electrolyzing cell adopts a bipolar pressure filtration structure, with good sealing performance and long service life;

  3. The unit has framework combination structure. The process is concise and easy to install, operate, and maintain;

  4. High degree of automation, capable of remote centralized management, human-machine intelligent interface, easy to operate, safe and reliable;

  5. The purity of hydrogen gas in the product can reach 99.8% before purification treatment, and the purity of oxygen can reach 99.2%. After purification treatment, the purity of hydrogen gas in the product can reach 99.999%, and the dew point can reach -75 ℃.


  Application field

  Electrolytic hydrogen production equipment can be used in all situations that require the use of hydrogen, such as the electronics industry, metallurgical industry, chemical industry, power industry, building materials, light chemical industry, renewable energy hydrogen production and storage, hydrogen refueling station hydrogen production, etc.

  Electrolytic hydrogen production equipment only requires electricity and water, and can be applied in any place with water and electricity.


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